Marketing Advertising

Be comfortable with Advertising

Advertising is well-defined as a form of marketing communication used by firms to endorse or sell products and services. Basically, advertising is one of the components of marketing. In other words, if you think of marketing as a cake, then advertising will be an important slice of that cake.

The primary goal of advertising is to influence the buying behavior by endorsing a product, service, brand or company. To achieve this goal, advertising focuses on creative positioning and media. In doing so, advertising spreads awareness about what you have to offer.

As per the “Hierarchy of Effects” model  a buyer moves through six stages when making a purchase. These are awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and purchase.

What are the difference between Marketing and Advertising ?

As mentioned, advertising is a very important and significant sub-group of the Marketing cake. Apart from advertising, a marketing plan contains other components such as sales, logistic, distribution and PR strategy. All these elements are expected to work both autonomously and all must work together to support the same marketing goal. A well-executed ad campaign is run on multiple channels to create the desired impact.

In a nutshell, advertising supports marketing by forming the right buzz about a company’s product or service. It generates curiosity in the minds of the target audience, but ultimately works to support the overall marketing plan.