Business Development New Markets

Business Development by Accessing New Markets

Part of a company’s marketing plan may be to tap into new markets. A new market may involve selling a product or service in a new region or country, or it may involve targeting a new segment of customers. Either way, the execution of business development tactics in getting into new markets involves a great deal of research on the part of the business owner, investors and employees.


When developing a business marketing strategies, we need to consider trying to reach the new company sector. Most companies conduct their own market conduct such research. Market research consists of two parts: the purpose of market research and competitive research. In Target market research to find out everything you need to know the new market. Include information about potential customers are customers, how they think and feel, what needs and desires, and that the company meet the product or service to the needs and wishes. When researching the competition, the company needs to find out what type of attracting customers to the competition. The aim of the study is to provide products or services offered on the products or services offered by comparing the competitiveness of the company to determine whether the goods or services are different. Disclosure of information on the new target market and your competitors already operating in that market, the company is trying to enter the market, you can marketing strategies that take advantage of opportunities to create new markets and promotes itself in such a way that a relying on the new target, while differentiating your company’s product or service from the competition.


If a company tries to develop business in a new market without first conducting research and creating a strategic plan, it almost ensures failure. Most companies enter a new market because an opportunity has been identified—meaning there is a need in the market that is not currently being fulfilled. If a company tries to push a product or service in a new market where there isn’t a need or want for the product or service, then sales are going to suffer.

Time Frame

The execution of strategies to enter a new market can take months or even years. Using different marketing tools: surveys, panels, test groups and other types of market research in order to gain a good grasp on the business opportunity.