Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational leadership

What makes a leader inspiring? When you know the answer, you will be way ahead of your competition. Inspired people are twice as productive as others. The power of a company with leaders who inspire at every level up and down the organization is difficult to exaggerate. These are the companies that consistently pull off innovative achievements in business because so many of the people who work there are motivated…

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INVESTMENT OPTIONS For 2016 Beyond Stock Market

INVESTMENT OPTIONS for 2016 beyond stock market

The stock market isn’t the only option for making worthwhile investments, and since the recession, alternative investments are on the rise. Many see the stock market as too complex or risky, so they seek alternatives that appear more straightforward and secure. Ultimately, investments come down to a trade-off between risk and payoff. And it is largely accepted that diversifying your portfolio stands to help reduce risk and increase payoff. The…

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Leadership And People Management

Leadership and People Management

Effective leadership and the ability to manage people are fundamental in the success of any business or in any other group activity. Whether it’s in business or as part of a leisure activity any group will ultimately be working towards a common ‘goal’ and it’s important that there is somebody who can command the respect of the group and who can pull all of the various elements together in order…

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