Leadership Inspiration

Inspirational leadership

What makes a leader inspiring? When you know the answer, you will be way ahead of your competition. Inspired people are twice as productive as others.

The power of a company with leaders who inspire at every level up and down the organization is difficult to exaggerate. These are the companies that consistently pull off innovative achievements in business because so many of the people who work there are motivated to make them happen.

Few difficult methods exist to measure someone’s ability to inspire, to systematically develop that intangible quality.

What does it take to foster inspiring leaders, not just through a lucky accident of talent management but year in and year out? To help answer that question, we have to see some questions as:

  • What characteristics matter when it comes to inspiring others?
  • How many inspiring behaviors does someone need to demonstrate reliably in order to inspire others, and what pattern of behaviors is most powerful?
  • How can we calibrate the strength of those characteristics in an individual?

While inspiration may seem difficult to decode, there are attributes that are statistically significant in creating inspiration in others. And having just some of those attributes as distinctive assets is sufficient to make someone highly inspiring.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” —Les Brown