Leadership People Management

Leadership and People Management

Effective leadership and the ability to manage people are fundamental in the success of any business or in any other group activity. Whether it’s in business or as part of a leisure activity any group will ultimately be working towards a common ‘goal’ and it’s important that there is somebody who can command the respect of the group and who can pull all of the various elements together in order to reach that goal.

Are Leadership and Management The Same?

They are essentially linked but not entirely the same. For example, a leader’s role is to inspire the team and to focus on the possibilities of what can be achieved. They need to be able to engage and energise the team and to create a vision or suggest ideas to the rest of the team and encourage the team to offer suggestions of their own.

Now, if we look at the above in terms of management, the manager’s role is to take those inspirations and possibilities we talked about and to turn them into practical solutions. A manager will turn ideas into reality and turn potential into performance. Suggestions will become objectives to be achieved. However, although there is a slightly different emphasis between leadership and management, most successful leaders are usually successful managers too.

What are the Qualities of a Successful Leader?

An effective leader will have exceptional interpersonal skills and will know how to get the best out of people. They will be good at establishing trust between all members of the team and between the team and themselves and they will be able to communicate their goals clearly and to steer and motivate the team towards success.

What do the Team Expect?

A leader will know that it’s all about having a commitment to the team itself as well as to the task that is crucial to the success of any mission. As well as a team wanting a leader who can inspire from the front, they’ll also want one who will support and serve the team itself. The team will want to feel confident about the leader’s expertise and feel assured that the leader is willing to accept responsibility for the overall outcome.