Business Development By Accessing New Markets

Business Development by Accessing New Markets

Part of a company’s marketing plan may be to tap into new markets. A new market may involve selling a product or service in a new region or country, or it may involve targeting a new segment of customers. Either way, the execution of business development tactics in getting into new markets involves a great deal of research on the part of the business owner, investors and employees. Considerations When…

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How About Business Development ?

How about Business Development ?

Few times in history have more ambiguous words been spoken.  Ask ten Manager of Business Development or similarly business card-ed folks what is business development, and you’re like to get just as many answers. “Business development is sales,” some will say, concisely. “Business development is partnerships,” others will say, vaguely. The assortment of varied and often contradictory responses to the basic question of “what, exactly, is business development” reminds me of the way physicists seek to explain what, exactly,…

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